BUTOROWY Snow Park an AWESOME amusement park

Snow Park Butorowy Zakopane

BUTOROWY Snow Park an AWESOME amusement park

BUTOROWY Snow Park is the perfect place for the whole family. Discover the best winter attractions for children and adults in the heart of Podhale. Exceptional fun in the snow guaranteed!

Looking for an idea for a family trip to the mountains? Be sure to go to the winter amusement park in Zakopane. This is an absolutely perfect place for you and your loved ones. Imagine a beautiful clearing on Butorowy Wierch with a magical view of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane. It is here in the middle of a beautiful winter space that you will find the best fun zone in Podhale. A whole lot of unique attractions in the snow.

Zakopane in winter tempts …

Are you looking around for a place where you can experience the best adventure with your child in Zakopane in winter? The power of attractions is waiting for you in BUTOR Snow Park – actually the largest winter amusement park in the mountains! If you want your child to feel like a little champion take him on a snowmobile ride. As a result, not only you, but also your little one will have a great time!

Do you need more fun?

Snow park Zakopane is not only the best, but also the fastest winter banana XXL. Surely your kids like challenges, if you want to test their cooperation in a group – don’t wait. This is actually a fun challenge for everyone! During the ride, it is quite an art to team up in such a way as to stay on the inflatable for as long as possible. It’s undeniably a lot of laughter and even more fun for the participants and ogling.

Snow park Zakopane – of course!

Because Podhale attractions in winter have the best …
Want to ride an inflatable pontoon behind a snowmobile on the slopes? Snow rafting is one of the most exciting and original winter attractions in Zakopane. It’s a MEGA big portion of fun and integration for the whole family!

The ideas for fun are endless.

Downhill sledding is a winter specialty of BUTOR. Do you prefer solo or duet riding? Maybe it’s time for a family competition? When was the last time you went sledding with your child. Mom…. Dad – it’s time to get moving!

And finally, be sure to spend a nice moment in Tatra Ice the only such bar in Zakopane with a bonfire. See for yourself how much joy small and large winter sports lovers bring to this place. Butorowy Snow Park Poland’s largest winter amusement park awaits!

Remember, only from Butorowy Wierch you will bring the best collection of winter photos!



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