TOP 5 – winter attractions in Zakopane

BUTOROWY SNOW PARK — zimowe atrakcje dla każdego

TOP 5 – winter attractions in Zakopane

Zakopane is one of the most beautiful in Poland, especially when the snow falls and turns into a winter wonderland. Are you looking for unforgettable experiences and attractions that will delight both children and adults? We have collected them for you!

Here are our suggestions:

TOP 5 – winter attractions you must experience in Zakopane


Guided Snowmobile Tour is by far the most popular winter attraction in Zakopane. Unforgettable emotions and views that stay in your memory forever – guaranteed! You can choose a route tailored to your level and preferences, and use a professional instructor and equipment. Be sure to give it a try! Is it worth it? Definitely: yes!

Snow park Butorowy:

Undoubtedly, the Podhale region offers many winter attractions for lovers of snow and mountain scenery. What to do in winter with children in Zakopane? If you want to feel the magic of winter and have an unforgettable experience, definitely visit BUTOROWY Snow Park! Amazing pontoon rating or winter banana XXL- go ahead! This place is a real winter paradise for everyone. A unique sleigh ride by sled, tubing or scooter expedition – are waiting. You can spend here a whole day full of activity and joy. Want more? Snow Kraina is located at the top of Butorowy Wierch, because from there you have the most beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains!

Sleigh Ride in Chocholowska Valley:

Want to experience an unforgettable adventure that will transport you to a fairy-tale atmosphere? A horse-drawn sleigh ride through the white powder-covered Chocholowska Valley is impressive. If you want to feel like in a fairy tale in winter – choose a sightseeing sleigh ride. This amazing journey ends with a regional bonfire with sausage roasting with the best live highlander music.

Walk close to nature in snowshoes:

This is an absolutely perfect way to spend active and healthy time outdoors. Walking in special shoes that allow you to step on the snow without sinking is great fun. Only in Zakopane can you choose a walking route that suits your interests and fitness. If you want to see the beauty of nature up close and feel its rhythm, so don’t wait and delay, just take advantage! Wondering where to snowshoe? It is known in Zakopane!

Walking in the Valley in the Tatra Mountains:

This is another suggestion for lovers of hiking, as well as contact with nature. The Tatra National Park offers many picturesque valleys that are stunning in winter. You can go to the Koscieliska Valley and the Valley of Five Polish Lakes, but the Strążyska Valley also delights.

If a sure thing is known: Zakopane winter 2023/2024.

Undeniably, Zakopane in winter is a place where you definitely won’t be bored. This city has by far the most winter attractions in Poland for everyone . Don’t believe it? Find out for yourself!



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